Two layer wires

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Two layer wires

by Demian » November 22nd, 2012, 15:22

A Minecraft style redstone system would be amazing but it can't be done quite the same way here. Sure you could use generators in place of the torches, but that simply does not work with larger contraptions and especially if you need some logic to power thrusters. Usually you want an area dedicated to power generation with several generators. A single block generator isn't going to cut it. For this we need two layer wires.

The inner core layer of the wire simply transports the electricity. Placing a console block on top of a wire going horizontally is going to power the console. But place the console block at the end of the wire, thus being in contact with the "inside" (The wire has 2 textures, one for the sides and one for the ends) of the wire, will power up the console.

The secondary outer layer will not transport power to the end of the wire and on to the [url=]switchboard blocks[/url] inner layer node. So placing a console like above will not work, but placing a console on top of the horizontal wire will.

Basically outer layer transfers power to outer layer only, and the inner layer to inner layer only. They can then be used with the switchboards to create logic gates.

This has few uses without logic gates. The only other use I can think of (without the switchboards) is having separate wires running next to each other without powering each other.

Here's how the texture could be done. I packed the light map into the same image to save space.
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Re: Two layer wires

by Luaan » November 22nd, 2012, 18:58

My mod implements logic blocks wireless, just like the usual console-trigger combo. It wouldn't be too bad to support wires, though.
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