Tagging, mobile beacons and saving only parts of the world

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Tagging, mobile beacons and saving only parts of the world

by Demian » November 17th, 2012, 12:52

I find myself making a new save for each spaceship I create. This is simply because the distances in the game are rather large and the beacons disappear when you are too far away. (I have an idea to remedy this as well, but more on that on another thread.) What we need is a tagging system. Essentially a beacon that is tied to the object's field of influence and moves along with it. In other words, mobile beacons.

The cool thing would be being able to save these tagged objects separately into a new save. You could tag an asteroid, save that asteroid into a new save, and load it in another save. Of course this comes with a few problems like the loading. You could simply load the asteroid into the new save in it's original coordinates but there's a chance it would load inside another object. In my opinion when loading a tag the users should see a ghost image of the object and be able to place it themselves wherever they want.
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Re: Tagging, mobile beacons and saving only parts of the world

by Luaan » November 18th, 2012, 16:15

Tag-saving is an interesting idea, and I'd like to see it added. It's trickier than it sounds, though - I believe many things in the storage have (locally) unique IDs that would require some work to fit into the new world.

What I see as more reasonable would be the mobile beacon, and having the beacons actually *work* (it's kind of silly you lose sight of them so fast). I've also been thinking beacons could be targeted with an auto-pilot or a hyper drive when those come (if not officially, there will be a mod sooner or later).
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