my suggestions for this game....

Have an idea for Corneroids? Well don't keep it to yourself!

my suggestions for this game....

by MD_Reptile » March 29th, 2013, 00:34

I really like it as it is, but here's some ideas I had while playing:

1) bouncing projectiles. Like lasers reflecting off surfaces, doing less damage, eventually dissipating.

2) wiremod style cable system. Whole blocks just to transfer power? Gah, fire up gmod, play with wire mod. Realize better plan.

3) life support. Just like in gmods space build, oxygen, fuel, these things need limitation, and refilling.

4) gravity generator. An absolute must have, i need my feet planted "down" in my ship. Uses power, has limited range.

5) mining weapons/tools for ships. Another must have, both for blowing up large chunks of asteroids, and collecting in mass at a distance.

6) planets. Big huge asteroids pretty much, With unique resources.

7) orbiting planets...
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Re: my suggestions for this game....

by yasql » April 6th, 2013, 21:18

[i]thumbs up for this , i would add to this if i may of course > [/i]

8) dedicated servers 24/7 so more players can join and word can spread about this awesome game

9) some anti griefer protection, perhaps real working automated defense systems ( AI turrets firing depends from mode - all - enemy - selected targets from blacklist )

10) safe trade box and money

11) ability to give names to ships

12) ingame mail system or message board block

13) sector map block (waaah! green holographic or other colours)

14) CCTV Camera just like CCTV Camera mod in minecraft is it even possible? ( i wish to have this on my ship )

15) display blocks that can show speed power usage etc.

16) different resources spreaded across whole sector so trade routes can exist

17) save ships in local folder
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Re: my suggestions for this game....

by Anuke » December 20th, 2013, 15:31

This is a great idea.
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