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Borg cube in progress

PostPosted: December 16th, 2012, 11:08
by schadavi
I started making my own little Borg cube - its just 32x32x32 blocks, and features (when completed) 5 decks, the middle one exclusively for the powerplant that powers the 48 thrusters and 4 lance lasers.

I used Darthnox itemset in what i believe was called ChefAnons Modpack or something similar - the GUI of the crafting table is much better than the vanilla one.

Mining asteroids with this baby is a breeze, just cut the rock in half with the lances and collect anything valuable, then find new rock and repeat.

At about 2000 tons, the rear 24 thrusters bring it to a speed of 10 units/secoond in about two minutes - and i only did half the outer hull, one third of the inner hull and only one deck yet, it should come to at least 5000 tons when finished, more likely 6000 as i plan on adding defensive weapon cluster (console on the inside, a camera and 2 - 4 turrets on the outside, seperated powerplant for each station) for every side.

That means i need a crew of at least 4 to make it battle-worthy (1 pilot, 1 gunner for the main weaponry and 2 to man the defensive clusters) which is about 50% of the current player-base of corneroids i think ;)

Not seen in the pictures: Cargobay with 32 big boxes, 4 filled with titanium ingots alone, the control center (needs to be put closer to the reactors in the middle, but im too lazy to reasign all the engines)

Also planned features: A hangar bay, backup powerplant and even more lance lasers - and a lot more thrusters, at the moment i cant outrun a space-squid with it.