New Server! *ONLINE*

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New Server! *ONLINE*

by TrainWreck » May 25th, 2014, 20:29

Hey everyone! I been working on a server for Corneroids and have been getting trouble on finding people to actually play with. I have been using Tunngle to try and get more people to group up and be able to chat and play with each other easier. But as you all know, there are many other games out right now that people would rather play than this. But I can't run Space Engineers or Star Made as good as I can run Corneroids. I also find the legitimacy, genuine creativity and the overall feel of Corneroids very interesting, added I like the blocky theme and 16-bit graphics ^_^ Anyways, get Tunngle and search for the Corneroids network, I'll be waiting! :D

P.S. You can contact me on;
Skype: hellpeng
Tunngle: TrainWreck

P.P.S. If the server isn't online or you don't see me in the Tunngle Network OR you just need some help, go ahead and try and contact me on Skype or try and add me as a friend on Tunngle, I usually always those two.

Link to Tunngle: ... v4514bexe/
And the registration page: ... n=register
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