Spambot flood cleaned up

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Spambot flood cleaned up

by Demian » December 18th, 2014, 17:56

From December 14th to today a good hundred or so spambots signed up and made several hundreds posts before I noticed. I don't check the board too often. It's all cleaned up now but if any legit users signed up after December 14th 2014 I'm afraid their user account and posts are deleted. Sorry, I was not going to through and delete all the bots manually and phpBB offers limited mass user pruning functionality.

My spambot countermeasure was a question & answer mechanic that was quite impossible to break with an automated bot so someone did target this board specifically. I've now implement a rather difficult captcha in hopes of solving the problem.

Edit: Problem not solved. The captcha was broken instantly. I've had to disable user registration for the time being. I'll wait until solves their problem with the leaked user data and see what I can do after that.
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